Guy In Training: How To Remove A Lawn Mower Blade

The internet offers GIT’s great ways to overcome our deficiencies and put us on the path towards full man-ness.

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17 April 2010


My college friend Jonas once quipped at his cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that I was a GIT – a Guy In Training. He’s right. I grew up under the tutelledge of a loving father who’s greatest guy-know-how may have been his ability to change a lightbulb and take out the trash. He won’t argue with that and its not a slight. It just is.

Cut forward some 20 years and as I have rebuilt my life here in Mississippi, I’ve begun to take on ‘guy’ things. Mowing the lawn is one of those activities that while it may seem mundane and a chore to most men, offers me a weekly chance to sweat, breathe in various exhaust fumes, and gain a really nice sense of accomplishment each time I complete the job. You see, I never mowed a lawn until I was 35. I find that the methodical trimming of rows and rows of grass offers me a chance to be in the moment – and besides, I enjoy what I term Lawn Artistry – the craft of creating interesting mow patterns across the yard.

Today I’m going to change the lawn mower blade and rather than going down to the Home Depot (sometimes an intimidating venture for a GIT like me) and coyly asking a Depot person how I change the blade, I took to the interwebs and found this gem.

How to Remove Blade from Lawn Mower — powered by

Yes, the internet is not only for looking at porn, downloading music, facebook and buying stuff – the internet too offers GIT’s like me face saving content that help nudge us on our way towards becoming fully fledged men.


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