Humanlight Replacing Festivus?

Secular America yearns for a holiday all their own.

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23 December 2008


humanlightI really thought the Costanza’s holiday creation, Festivus (The holiday for the rest of us) was all that was needed — you know, a cute, vaguely secular alternative for those not inclined to X-mass, Hanukkah (how many spellings are there for this?) and the laughable Kwanzaa.

Apparently there exists the need for something a little more tactile – more observable for today’s secularists.

Humanlight to the rescue.

Humanlight is a new holiday created to “…celebrate humanity, reason, and hope.” There are celebrations planned in some 14 U.S. cities across the nation, most to be organized by “First Coast Freethought Society, Inc.” or “Atheists and Other Freethinkers” type organizations.

I’m going to stick with Festivus for this year at least…


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