IBM Creating Jeopardy-Playing Computer

Computer to be capable of competing against human opponents.

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27 April 2009


Jeopardy set

IBM’s chess playing computer, named Deep Blue, made waves when it took on and beat then world champion Garry Kasporov back in 1997. IBM now has announced it plans to unveil a new computer (nicknamed Watson) that will be able to compete at a much more open and complex game, TV’s Jeopardy.

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2 Responses to “IBM Creating Jeopardy-Playing Computer”

  1. xequence says:

    What a waste of MONEY. Feed the hungry instead of making a great game show a sloppy waste of money.

  2. les drake says:

    This demonstrates nothing, a computer is a storgae and retrival unit and since jeaopardy is nothing more than an inforamtion retreval show for humans to remember all of the information they have recieved in regards to thier education and intrests is an amazing feet of intelectual prowess,for a computer is nothing more than getting the information from a set of programmed responses.
    Unlike a chess game where thier are millions of permutations that can be played and altered in any given game where by a human player can win.


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