Lord Ganesh Is In My Corner Today

The Indian Deity of auspiciousness certainly was at play in the form of a very special biscuit.

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18 February 2009



You know how psyched you are when getting some Burger King fries and there just happens to be an onion ring in there??

Well today I had that devinely inspired experience, only with a Mississippi Biscuit.

Up and on my way to the office early today, I stopped in at the Gas Station / Restaurant / Food-Mart that is the Old Town Station Deli and Chevron. This may seem a little odd that one would seek breakfast at a Chevron, but here in Mississippi, some of the state’s best dining experiences can be found alongside castrol and squeegies – but I digress…

So what I thought was going to be a standard sausage biscuit turned into a gastronomical masterpiece thanks to my good buddy and Indian Deity Ganesh – who saw fit to place a small, yet ever-so-important piece of bacon atop the sausage patty.

Thank you Universe! For I have received your message and am ready for my day!


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