Meat Hand Looks Yummy!

Meat Hand: A truly gruesome Halloween concoction sure to satisfy tastebuds.

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2 November 2009


meat-hand-from-not-martha-dot-comTruth be told, I’m a meat and potatoes lover. Its one of life’s great culinary combinations. When I came across this gem of a recipe I felt obliged to share.

Over on not-martha, they’ve outlined the steps and creation process behind this masterpiece of meta-carpel meatloaf.

I recommend browsing the whole post which is full of photos from early prototypes and hints on how best to create you own meat hand.

While the world of the meat hand is a novel one to me, I have attempted an other unique meat dish – the Meat Muffin. It consisted of filling up a muffin tin with ground meat and baking. FYI you basically you get oddly shaped meatballs.


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