Miami Based Airline Logos & Collateral

Logos of Air Florida, Eastern Airlines, National Airlines, and Pan Am

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26 June 2009


Miami Airline Logos & Collateral

Miami was a pioneering location for aviation. Over the years, a number of airlines have made a nest at Miami International Airport including the four now defunct companies featured above.

The Air Florida logo is certainly reminiscient of the Hartford Whalers logo – a favorite of mine from the National Hockey League. My family had a close friend who flew for Air Florida. I dig their color scheme a lot. Florida Gulf Coast University uses similar colors today. Air Florida had the distinction of being the airline that crashed in the bridge over the icy Potomac river in the 1970’s

Eastern Airlines was one of Miami’s largest employers for many years. The airline was a national player. The logo is pretty drab however. I have an almost complete deck of some Eastern Airlines playing cards in storage in Miami I think.

I dig the National Airlines logo. I believe it was an attempt to bring travel to the everyman. I flew only one time on National, I believe to what was then called Washington National and is now called Reagan National.

Pan Am was a global leader in aviation. The name was synonymous with the golden age of flight – back when flying by jet was still something of an event in itself. Flying Pan Am meant you were a world traveler. Pan Am started in Coconut Grove as an amphibious outfit out of Dinner Key Marina. Today there are refurbished airplane hangars, an Aviation Drive, and locals are able to dine on peel and eat shrimp and conch fritters overlooking the old Pan Am Clipper’s take-off and landing area.


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