Mississippi Public School Cancels Prom In Response To Same Sex Date Request

A northern Mississippi school district finds itself in hot water after attempting to take the easy route in dealing with a student’s sexual orientation issues.

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11 March 2010


Mississippi is making news today. The ACLU chapter for Mississippi has filed suit on behalf of complaintant, Constance McMillen, who alledges discrimination by the Itawamba County School District as demonstrated by their cancelling this year’s prom. The prom cancellation apparently occured after Ms. McMillen made it known to school officials that she planned on bringing her girlfriend as her date and planned to wear a Tux.

Mississippi is just itching for a cultural fight it seems. There is a very vocal, Christian conservative population here that feels as though many of the social and cultural changes that have occurred over the past couple decades really have taken things too far. In my opinion, there is a very strong ‘enough is enough’ mentality.

A quick perusal of the comments published alongside the Clarion Ledger article showed me that this issue is getting really hot here in Mississippi – there were lots of more progressive minded folks that showed support for the teen, and then there were a host of individuals that quoted the bible as a defense for why the public school system has the right to cancel the event in response to one’s sexual orientation.

I expect this issue may garner significant national attention.

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