NASA Control Room Attire Comparison

NASA’s control room attire has gone from geek-cool to just plain lame.

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13 August 2012


I want to start this post off with a HUGE congrats to everyone that has helped put the U.S. at the forefront of space exploration. I’m talking about the from the ‘Right Stuff’ era men and their families all the way up to the present JPL folks who helped put Curiosity on Mars. You all do things and built stuff that amazes humanity and keeps us reaching further. Thank you.

New NASA doesn’t look as fun as Old NASA and I posit there is one main reason for this…lack of skinny ties.

C’mon NASA – let’s bring back some geek swagger and loose the beards, lame-ass polo shirts and dorky boom mikes and start looking the part of a team that does the incredible. I know you all actually do the incredible, but you can take a note from the NBA as of late in rocking the pro-geek attire a little more.


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