Scrabble Updates Rules To Allow Proper Nouns

After 72 years, the popular lexicographical game Scrabble has ammended its rules to allow for the inclusion of proper nouns such as names, places, brands and company names.


7 April 2010



Mattel Corporation, manufacturer and distributor of the ever-popular board game, Scrabble, has decided to amend the game rules to allow for the inclusion of proper nouns. Proper nouns are, for all those who missed out on 3rd grade English class, are typically capitalized names, places, brands, and company names. Since the game’s inception some 72 years ago, these words were not allowed.

It still remains to be seen if Scrabble Tournaments will embrace the modification to the rules or will rely on the set of rules that have made Scrabble a favorite rainy vacation day activity for over seventy years.

Read more over at the BBC’s website.


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