Slap Chop Latest Infomercial For Vince

Vince, America’s favorite infomercial dude is back and better than ever with the Slap Chop.

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15 July 2009


Slap Chop image of VinceAfter rocketing to success via the ever popular Sham Wow television product endorsement, and careening down to the depths of has-been after being assaulted by a prostitute, Vince is back and better than ever in his latest pitch gig – the Slap Chop.

The makers of this informercial and television commercial know they have a web sensation on their hands and specifically have crafted dialogue and diction to best tantalize this audience. One line in particular is just made for fun. After slicing and dicing his way through an array of vegetables and cold cuts, he tempts the viewer with a deadpan “You’re going to love my nuts!”

Not a moment too soon, there are already several parodies making the rounds on the interweb tubes.

+ Slap Chop

+ Slap Chop remix


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