Slug Burger Festival

Corinth, MS hosts a yearly festival honoring its own contribution to the gastronomical ledger.

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7 August 2008


Photo by Zack Steer

Slugs on a bun. Nothing better than a slug burger on a hot July day – at least that’s what Corinth, MS believes in putting on their annual Slug Burger Festival. I first learned of the festival via my local NPR station. Once a week they feature a Mississippi town promoting the concept of a stacation – when one keeps things local rather than travelling afar.

As you may very well imagine – hearing a delightfully sweet woman speak about all the fun they’re going to have up in Corinth at this year’s Slug Burger Festival had me mumbling an internal wtf or two. Turns out the Slug Burger however isn’t as frieghtening as it may seem.

A Slug Burger in the end is just a regular old hamburger – ground beef, some breadcrumbs, a little egg to bind it together – the ‘Slug’ concept enters the picture in how when they originally were sold they cost only a nickel. The U.S. nickel was then commonly referred to as a slug.

Zack Steer has some nice photos on his Nikon MyPictureTown website.


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