Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Some uber-lucky kid gets to spend his nights drifting towards unconsciousness from the cockpit of a Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter.

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13 August 2009


Y-Wing Fighter BedroomMy first reaction? N O T  F A I R ! ! !

When I was a kid growing up in the mid to late seventies, I had it pretty good as far as bedrooms go. I had a bunk bed which made for lots of tent and climbing opportunities – both solo and of course when friends came to sleep over. I even had some Star Wars sheets to boot.

The thing I openly wanted however was a Race Car bed. I’d see these at the furniture stores and despite my more than modest upbringing, would revel in despair about how tough I had it.

When I came across the Y-Wing Fighter Star Wars bedroom photos today, a rush of third-grade angst bubbled up from my subconscious. Not only is it setup like a loft bed made popular by college freshman forced to live in dorms, but its decor is tactfully matched to give the room an overall ambieance of Rebel Base meets Jedi locker room.

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