The Onion Pokes Fun At The Atlantic With Taliban Sponsored Advertorial

Online humor and social critique website, The Onion, hacks at The Atlantic and Scientology online cred in one fell swoop.

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16 January 2013


Let me preface this by saying I like The Atlantic. I like the short attention span focused Atlantic Wire too. I even like the print version which I make a point of picking up during any air travel. I believe The Atlantic is the best example of a once print-focused outfit migrating successfully to the digital age.

Along with many publishing outfits, The Atlantic is having to search for revenue streams to help bolster the bottom line in a time when print ad revenues are by all accounts dwindling. What better way to help take up the slack than the good ‘ole fashion advertorial, right? Wrong.

Case in point – letting the quasi-cult Scientology attempt to lend legitimacy to its scheme through a sponsored post.

The post was subsequently brought down and The Atlantic doled out the expected mea culpa. End of story right? Wrong.

The Onion, ever johnny-on-the-spot for its biting wit and humorous take at the world’s ills, published this homage:

The Onion - Mock Advertorial for Taliban

This begs the question…

Was The Onion attempting to mock The Atlantic, Scientology or a little of both?


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