The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint Dining Experience

Dining at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Destin, FL. is an experience one shouldn’t miss.

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12 August 2010


The Shed Experience

As seen in the above photo sequence, getting fed at The Shed is a BBQ experience for the ages.

Fig. A – The subject demonstrates the youthful anticipation and exuberance brought on by The Shed environment, the sassy/cute waitresses, and the sweet aroma of BBQ done right.

Fig. B – The subject is currently getting fed at The Shed. His taste buds have swollen, the saliva is streaming at a rate higher than Pavlov’s dog, and he quickly seeks any opportunity to lap up any stray sauce. Note the dialated pupils in this subject – it is a definitive sign of BBQ-bliss.

Fig. C – The subject quickly consumed a most generous portion of BBQ complete with slaw and tater-salad (the best tater salad this researcher has ever tasted).  As the tantalizing medley of slow and low cooked meat, just-enough-heat sauce, and Shed ambiance consumed the subject, he moved into what many researchers have termed BBQ Nirvana.

Do yourself a favor. Do not pass up an opportunity of BBQ Nirvana.

Get Fed At The Shed.


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