The University of Miami Unveils New Visual Identity, Website

The U now reigns supreme as the central icon for the University of Miami.

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28 August 2009


um-logo-newI’m proud to be a Miami Hurricane. The University recently took a big step in solidifying its place as one of the U.S.’s preeminent institutions of higher learning.  In redesigning the logo and providing continuity across all communication platforms, Miami has taken steps unify its message and claim The U as its own.

Prior to this push, there were a myriad incarnations of logo and script across schools, departments, and campuses. Miami has done a wonderful job in launching this endeavor via the media that most individuals will come in contact with – the website.

Speaking of websites, here is a screen cap of the current University of Miami home page:


I invite you to peruse the following links:


+ University of Miami visual identity microsite

+ University of Miami visual identity guide (pdf, 5.3mb)


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