Top 5 Honors for Wendell’s Pub

Wheaton College’s favorite wings & beer place honored by

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14 January 2009


I always loved my 3.5’s but it seems now others are in agreement…

” Some will argue that the wings are over-fried, leaving the consumer with tiny portions. Other maintain that’s the way a classic Buffalo wing should be cooked. But all are pretty much in agreement that this unassuming locale, located mere steps from Wheaton College, does a number with its sauce, which comes in a number of heat levels and bursts onto the palette with a flavor that’s hard to match. If there’s a No. 1 in New England for word of mouth, Wendell’s might wear the crown. ”

I’m psyched to take Alice for some Wendell’s action in May when I head up to Norton for my 15th college reunion…



One Response to “Top 5 Honors for Wendell’s Pub”

  1. Alice says:

    Sounds fantastic. I look forward to it!


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