Whale Wars = Inept Vegans On A Boat

Animal Planet’s series frustrates yet pulls me back for more.

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17 July 2009


Whale Wars logoThe ineptitude of the Sea Shepherds is comical except for the fact that they are putting real people in harms way – both their do-gooder trustafarian crew members as well as the Japanese sailors simply doing their jobs in one of the most inhospitable stretches of the sea imaginable. I wish I didn’t get so riled up by this rag tag of vegetarian peace-niks but I do. Maybe its because as an early college grad I too traveled the world in an attempt to change it for the better. I was an idealist and took on some powerful forces with American bravado. More likely however, itsĀ  because I have experienced the raw power of the ocean during a transatlantic sailing voyage on a 44ft sloop and watching them mess around with people’s lives irks me.

Animal Planet has a good thing going because eventhough I ridicule and make snarky comments throughout the hour long show, I will be back for more next week.


2 Responses to “Whale Wars = Inept Vegans On A Boat”

  1. Alice says:

    I should have known what you were going to do tonight. I love it when you rant.

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