Win At Monopoly In 21 Seconds Flat

Forget day-long battles of capitalistic thuggery. Speed Monopoly lets you complete you game in mere seconds.

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15 June 2010



You’ve been there – the endless game of Monopoly. Things may have started out with a bang, but as the game has progressed, you’re left to mortgaging off your assets and selling your inventory of properties for mere pennies on the dollar – just to stay alive. Sort of how the recently addicted crack-head sells off their electronics and home entertainment system just for a few rocks.

Seems I’m not alone in this.

Some folks over at Scatterplot – a social science blog with a definitive slant on statistical analysis – have created what they believe to be the shortest theoretical game of Monopoly – and have created a short but sweet video to prove their claim of 21 seconds.

The strategy (if it can be called such) is for a player to quickly command the most expensive properties and build on them. The other player must land on one of these properties early in the game so as to force bankruptsy.

The full list of moves can be found over on the Scatterplot website.

Here’s the vid of their exploits:


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