An Open Letter To Tarpon Of South Florida

As my trip to Miami draws near, my mind is drawn to Biscayne Bay and my old friend, the Tarpon.

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24 March 2010



Dear Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus),

I wanted to take a moment and let you all know that I will be traveling to South Florida this coming weekend!

During my stay, it is my sincere hope to have an opportunity to venture into your environment, stalk you, hunt you down, and then entice you with various types of food you may find tempting (aka bait). Should you be so enamored with the bait I cast your way, please do me a favor and bite said bait so I may then set the sharpened, metal hook (secretly contained in the bait) into your lip or the corner of your jaw. That would really make me happy!

I’m not sure if you feel pain, but if you do, let me apologize now. I promise to do my best to minimize your discomfort and unless you are some sort of world record size, you have my word that you will be released as soon as I’ve taken your picture.

If you do not feel pain, well, I guess I apologize for tricking you with that hook secretly placed in the bait. No offense, but in the end its sort of a ‘top of the food chain’ deal. Just as you relish in your ability to swallow lesser species, so do I.

Should we not happen to meet up this coming weekend, rest assured that I will look forward to another opportunity to make your acquantance.




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