@BPGlobalPR – How The Internet Hacks At Giants

Excerpts from the unoficial BP PR twitter feed and #bpcares

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26 May 2010


This oil spill thing is aweful. I saw a few minutes of James Carville this past Sunday as he railed against BP and the other crooks involved. The anger seems to be simmering across much of the country. One outlet I found today is good’ole satire in the form of a mock Twitter feed purporting to be an apathetic and out of touch BP pr wing. The results are comical if not truly sad.

  • Just saw new satellite images of the spill. Actually, it kinda looks like the Earth has a beauty mark! Ooolala! @CindyCrawford #bpcares
  • New solution: Everybody drive your cars into the gulf with your gas caps open! You’ll get a full tank and we’ll only charge $20 cash!
  • Dropping everything to work on our “Oil Slickers” movie script. Hopefully Billy Crystal is available/willing to work with oil. #bpcares
  • Eating at a very expensive restaurant and spilled salad dressing on my pants. Not sure how to tackle this.
  • Funny, no one has thanked us for seasons 3-15 of Treme yet.#bpcares

Enjoy the full list @BPGlobalPR.


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