Capitol City Throwdown II – MMA Event Review

Psychout MMA holds great MMA event in Jackson, MS.

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2 June 2009

Psychout MMA Action

Psychout MMA Action

Saturday, May 30, 2009 brought sporting entertainment to Jackson, MS in the form of Psychout MMA’s Capitol City Throwdown II held at the Jackson Convention Center. This was my second Psychout MMA event – the first being the first Capitol City Throwdown.

Over the past year or so, my interest in MMA has grown. When I learned several months back that there was to be an event held here in Jackson, MS, I jumped at the chance to attend. The first event seemed to be a huge success despite what seemed like an overabundance of stacked fight cards and fighter no-shows.

The Fights:  B
The Capitol City Throwdown II didn’t dissappoint from a fight perspective. Despite at least three fights in which the announcer made reference to having to find a last minute opponent, the competition was more fair, the resulting bouts went longer and the fights demonstrated more skill.Whereas during the first event we saw dudes who looked like Conan fighting dudes who looked like George Kostanza, this time we were entertained to much more evenly matched competitors. There was definitely a tendency for the participants to goto the ground, which from a fan perspective watching live isn’t the best situation – but overall the level of competition was higher and the fighs were of a better caliber.

The Fan Experience: C
I was a little disappointed on this front. My guess is that the overall crowd size grew – although it seemed sparcer due to employing the use of the whole convention center rathern than half of the facility the last time the fights were in Jackson. The audio system and lights weren’t able to handle the larger area either – the result was a vaguely ‘small scale’ and ‘unprofessional’ feel to the event. It didn’t help either that the VIP table area seemed to be greatly expanded with a noticable lack of VIP’s. My seats were definitely further back this time despite being in the first row.

Two other items made the fan experience a little under par. On one hand they decided to close one of the snack-bars mid-event which meant super long lines for snackage, and one of the large video screens (totally necessary to view on the ground action) went out for a rather long time.

Despite my critisisms here, I had a great time and look forward to the next matches set for late July, 2009.


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