Chevron Is Passing The Buck

Chevron’s recent attempt at cause marketing can’t pass the smell test.

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2 November 2008

Chevron passing the onus of the energy debacle onto you and me.

One of Chevron's latest online ads.

Chevron, a global oil and petroleum corporation, is attempting to pass the onus of responsibility for our current global energy crisis on to you and I through a recently launched online campaign.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw the ads.

But what does this ad really say?

  • It places blame on you and I for the current global energy predicament.
  • it attempts to illicit feelings of collective guilt for the current energy predicament
  • It implies that an Oil Company is acting responsible with regard to energy usage and global sustainability.

I wonder how the creative team and strategist that developed this campaign can sleep at night.


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