Dear Mississippi, When It Comes To Weather, You Need To Grow A Pair

Short rant concerning Mississippi’s proclivity to shut down at the first sight of a flurry.

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4 February 2011


Dear Mississippi,

Winter weather does not require mass cancellations of events, school, and government office closings. I know we may not be that used to snow and ice, but millions of people across the globe seem to get by just fine with far more inclement circumstances.

Take Chicago for instance. This past week they cancelled school for the first time in 12 years. 12 years. I can count over five school cancellations in the past two years here in the Jackson area alone.

The argument runs that we in Mississippi just aren’t prepared for this sort of climatalogical canundrum. Hog wash. (Yes I just wrote Hog and Wash together in a sentence!!)

We know that when the temperature drops below 32 ┬░ F that water freezes. Don’t we? This means that if there is a chance of rain, it might be snow. It also means that if its raining that there might be ice on the ground.

Planning for these weather inevitabilities is the responsibility of State and Local Government. Choices are made. There is a choice made that we in Mississippi will remain UN-PREPARED for winter weather.

Quit rejecting Fed $$ and use it to buy a couple plows and some salt. Done.


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