Diluting an Automobile Design Icon

A once iconic automobile design form is now rife with homogeneity

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16 July 2008


Who makes the car above?

A.  Lexus

B.  Infinity

C. Hyundai

D. None of the above

The answer is D. The true production firm behind the design above is none other than Jaguar – producer of iconically designed sedans and coupes for decades. Although I haven’t been keeping up with recent design evolutions for the brand, this incantation bears little resemblance to the form for the Jaguar brand in my mind’s eye.

The above design has little connection to the brand’s past. It looks to me like a Lexus 300 of some years back more than a Jaguar. As automobile manufactures look to rationalize production and leverage off a few base models across a broad spectrum of brands for an increasingly homogeneous global purchasing demographic, I guess such uninspired and weak design statements will be the norm rather than the exception for the future of automobile design.


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