Florida Marlins Anthem By Scott Stapp Of Creed Fame

The Florida Marlins start each home game with what might be the lamest intro video ever created.

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15 April 2010


I’m a pretty big Florida Marlins fan. I was able to attend games during both of their World Series championship runs and although I no longer live in Miami, I follow the team as best I can from here in Mississippi through various RSS feeds, bulletin boards, etc.

Unfortunately this tidbit of lameness found itself into my daily content ingestion stream and I’m pretty ashamed.

First off, let me say up front I’m not a CREED hater like so many too cool for school types out there. Despite the pro-jesus message much of their songs contain, by and large I find their brand of music palatable and I’m not afraid to admit that on occasion maybe a half-decade ago I may have even bobbed my head up and down to the beat of their music. I have never purchased or illegally downloaded any of their music mind you, but I have no overt hatred for the band like many people do.

That being said, the video above is truly embarrassing. Had I not seen additional footage of the vid being played on the stadium jumbotron, my instinct would have been to call it a fake. Alas, fake it is not.

Melodramatic, cheesy, bordering on comical? Yes, yes, and yes.

Take these lyrics for example:

Let’s play ball its game day,
We want strike outs, base hits, double plays.
Take the field, hear the roar of the crowd,
Come on Marlins make us proud!
Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
(sic., Marlins tend to be limited to aquatic environments)
With a little faith and love, you will soar.

That gurgling you hear is me clearing the little bit of barf that just came up.

Suggestions for next year’s Marlin’s ‘Emotive Montage’ video leadin:

  • Steer clear of any overtly incendiary musical icons
  • We’re going to be a mid-tier club again and for the foreseeable future, so let’s not get all grandiose about soaring and playing in the ethereal landscapes of angels
  • I’m not aware of your specific demographics, but maybe tie in with the Hispanic base more – pump out a english/spanish reggaeton number that can pump of the fans and explore the unique cultural blend that will be the Miami Marlins
  • Feature the Mermaids.

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