Former Florida Marlin Miguel Cabrera Gets Sober

Cabrera emerges from 90 day treatment clean and sober

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22 January 2010

Miguel Cabrera (L) encourages pitcher Dontrelle Willis (R).

Miguel Cabrera (L) encourages pitcher Dontrelle Willis (R).

Miguel Cabrera was one of my favorite Marlins from the 2003 World Series team. He joined the team late in the year coming up from AA Carolina Mudcats to become a star outfielder for the team as they beat the Cubs, Giants and ultimately, the New York Yankees. Miggy, as he was known in Miami, hailed from Venezuela. During my trips there in the mid-90’s, I often would talk to locals about Cabrera and was always on the hunt for an authentic Tigres De Aragua baseball hat.

Sadly, he was traded a couple years ago to the Detroit Tigers along with fellow Marlins standout and young phenom, Dontrelle Willis. During the end of last season, Cabrera was involved in an alcohol fueled domestic violence altercation – something totally unlike his public persona.

It was released today that Cabrera spent the last three months in an intensive outpatient program in Miami to address alcoholism. There’s a very good chance he was at South Miami Hospital’s addiction treatment facility – which is known as having one of the premier Hispanic-centric programs in the hemisphere.

I’m proud of Miguel for taking the beginning steps toward a life of sobriety and I’ll be pulling for him more than usual this next year despite him playing for Detroit.


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