HP Mini 1000

I got a new toy and i’m not sure I want to share.

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20 March 2009


HP MiniI’ve been checking out netbooks online for a while now. Sort of lurking and stalking the whole category of little laptops built for portability and on-the-go use. With a conference this weekend, i thought what better chance to try one out.

I ended up w/ the HP Mini – i wasn’t even looking at HP but the design and local availability swung me over. Got it at best buy and feel ok about it in party because they have a zero restocking fee policy now. 14 days i can play w/ this thing and see if I like.

What i may end up doing is getting the linux version and then adding some more ram and larger HD – there’s also what looks like a vga adaptor in the works which is a must.

I plan to post a review no matter what I end up doing w/ this model I have now…


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