Internal Job Tracking Transparency: CPB’s Job Tracker

Crispin Porter & Bogusky show internal project status for all.

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21 December 2009



In my work as an Interactive Director / Web Producer / Information Architect at Mad Genius, I am often responsible for managing 15 or more simultaneous projects all at various stages of development. After dropping the ball a couple times in trying to keep the big picture delivery dates on target across 18 projects earlier this year, I decided I needed to take a step back and invest some time into creating a master project tracking document. I choose a simple Google Docs spreadsheet that enables me to quickly add projects and preliminary timelines along with man hours on a week by week basis. The result is a pretty nifty snapshot of how much effort will be required on any given week and has proven to be very helpful in providing me¬†rationale¬†when I tell someone in client relations WHY we simply can’t deliver XYZ in 6 weeks.

Despite my efforts, I have found that many of the internal stakeholders have a penchant for forgetting how ‘slammed’ we may be at any given time.

CPB (Crispin, Porter & Bogusky) is probably the top interactive agency in the U.S. It’s based in Miami (Coconut Grove) and I always had a desire to work with them. They are the folks behind VW’s ads and most notably bringing back The King for Burger King. My friend Kala used to work for them – she worked on Zo’s Summer Groove and the TRUTH accounts.

Alex Bogusky posted recently on his company-wide job tracking app that is displayed FOR ALL to see. I really dig how this is so open in the office. It doesn’t let projects hide and assigns responsibility for all to see.

Here is a slice of the above photo which shows a more granular view. It shows the following columns/categories: Live Date, Client, Job Name, % Complete, Type, Producer, Content, and Creative. I like how they have a dedicated Content owner.



2 Responses to “Internal Job Tracking Transparency: CPB’s Job Tracker”

  1. jeff says:


    Any idea how the % complete column is created / managed?

    • rob says:

      Hey Jeff – No I don’t know how they manage their %completed col – although often this can be done by simply figuring out what % of milestones are completed on a project. –


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