Lazy Registration Is What’s Up People!

A compelling UI design pattern puts off asking individuals for personal information until the last possible moment.

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6 August 2009


I’m in the middle of a strategic conundrum. I need to design something that generates contacts for a company.  Its not the only purpose but for all intents and purposes its the only thing the client will ever care about.

The content they are registering to view is not particularly compelling. Registering will provide the ability to post a comment about their experience with a product, maybe post an idea for a product or modification, and maybe they have an opportunity to upload a photo or something. The specifics aren’t really that important. The important thing from a user’s perspective is that giving you my personal data will provide me access to a mediocre at best experience.

I’m lobbying to open things up. Let anyone in. Only require registration before physically interacting with the system.

When I come across a website that practically greets me with a sign-up form, I balk. I go elsewhere. I am having trouble getting behind a concept I believe goes against what is proven best practices. I saw Jared Spool give his talk at the IA Summit 2009 in Memphis, TN where he detailed the $300 Million button – where by instituting a lazy registration system has cut their drop off rate to the tune of that sum.

More emerging UI patterns that we need to keep top of mind are detailed over at the always informative smashing magazine.


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