The Threadcount Conspiracy

Bed bath and hype when it comes to selling linens.

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18 September 2008


A few months ago when shopping for new bedding, I came to a few general conclusions having spent a few hours at a couple of the big-box linen dealers:

  1. Sheets and all that bedding crap is expensive. Way expensive.
  2. I wasn’t able to tell an appreciable difference between 300 ct. sheets and anything higher (350, 400, 600, and now even 1000!).
  3. King size is a rip-off. Especially pillow cases!

Rather than fork over close to $100 for a sheet set, I chose instead to hit Target and get their super soft and cuddly jersey (t-shirt material) sheets for $19.99.

Come to find out, that whole threadcount escalation that’s gone on over the past few years is just marketing bs. Threadcount isn’t even the most important determining factor for ‘softness.’  Bastards!

Details found at the following URL:


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