US Presidential Voting Shift Visualization

What might account for a counter-shift to red?

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6 November 2008


The recent U.S. election for President included a large shift in %change in democratic votes over 2004. Interesting however is the significant swath which exists across the mid-south of the country. These counties not only voted Republican, but voted more republican than in 2004! This upsurge in Republican voting trends is evident despite a tanking economy, massive deficits, an unpopular war, and a host of other factors which made most of the country step back and vote for a change.

I read on one popular site that the swath in question represents simple racism. That may be true although I wonder how one might quantify that. I wonder however if there are alternative explanations that might be elucidated through some additional demographic study and mapping.

The areas which include the largest shifts towards the Republican candidate include:

  • Eastern Kentucky
  • Southwestern West Virginia
  • Extreme Western Virginia
  • All of Tennessee
  • Northern Alabama
  • Northeastern Mississippi
  • All of Arkansas
  • Southeastern Oklahoma
  • Southwester Louisiana

Apart from being all Southern, what might link these polities?

More posts to follow up on this.


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