Video – Whale Wars Ship Cut In Half By Japanese Whalers

A ship piloted by the organization behind Whale Wars is struck by a Japanese Whaling vessel in this dramatic video.

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6 January 2010


The Whale Wars TV show depicts the ongoing efforts of the Sea Shepherds – an environmental/conservation organization focused on preventing illegal whaling in Antarctic waters. In a post last year, I commented that I felt they were being tremendously irresponsible in playing their games with the Japanese whaling vessels in possibly the most dangerous waters on earth.

The video below shows the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru No.2 as it makes contact with the high-tech Whale Wars motor vessel, Ady Gil.

The commentary I’ve read online today seems to point blame at the Japanese. This video seems to show that the Japanese vessel alters its course drastically to starboard.

I wonder if when Whale Wars comes back for another season they will delve into this incident.


One Response to “Video – Whale Wars Ship Cut In Half By Japanese Whalers”

  1. Myles Mcswiney says:

    I think the Japanese Should be held responsible financially for TOTAL cost of the boat purposely rammed and the captain hit where it hurts animals like that!! With fines and loss of his captains license!The US should send a Destroyer to tap the whaling ship and see if the Japanese can tread water! Pick on something their own size with a captain as aggressive as the Japanese captain was .Then they would scream bloody murder! Reimburse the captain for his ship,NOW!!!!!


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