Wireless Charging – A Technology No One Really Needs

The Powermat Wirelesss Charging System is probably something no one needs.

Editorial /

9 June 2010



The interwebs (and airports) are a flutter with the recent announcement that the wireless charging brand Powermat now supports the ever popular Apple iPhone. Whoopdeedoo. The tag line I saw on a recent group of banners on Gizmodo told its audience to:

Drop and Charge,
Don’t Plug and UnPlug!

I don’t find plugging in or unplugging devices alarmingly taxing, do you?

I imagine there are myriad other examples of technology that no one really needs – some of which I may actually enjoy. When the remotes to TV’s were connected with wires, was there some alt.universe Rob Rubinoff exclaiming that a wireless remote was unnecessary? Probably so. I accept this as part of my right to be a crumudgeon as I approach 39.


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