Finding My Happy Place In A Porsche 911 YouTube Video

The Porsche 911 is arguably the world’s most quintessential sports cars. Late 1970’s and early 1980’s models are my favorite.

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24 April 2013


Since the day I recognized there was a discernible difference between a cool car and my Mom’s station wagon, I’ve admired the Porsche 911. As I matured and my peers dreamed of Ferraris, DeLoreans and Lambos, my attention held fast to arguably Deutchland’s greatest export. I’d often dream of someday being rich enough to buy one of of my own.

About a year ago, I started perusing the web for classic cars and every couple weeks I find myself on eBay or similar sites looking for a perfect buy. I’m drawn to the 1978-1983 911 SC model. It’s probably the model I first saw as a kid on Miami Vice or something.

In my search for a classic Porsche 911 SC, I’ve gone as far as emailing a seller and in hindsight the deal was one I should have taken. I haven’t seen a similar 911SC for anything near the price of that one. I’ve also actually bid on a few through eBay, but each time it appears I’m up against some sort of bidding-bot because seconds after I place my bid, I’m told I’ve been outbid.

So when I’m in need of a little pick me up, I turn to the web and search for Porsche 911 videos. I came across this one a few months back. Enjoy.


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  1. mike pickens says:

    whatever it is, it’s got a turbocharger on it


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