Get Cats For Your Gold –

Turn your loose gold and gold jewelry into cold, hard cats.


31 January 2010


London Fix Historical gold - result_1264954035789In conjunction with a global recession and volatility across the financial markets, a resurgence of investment into tangible assets has occurred. One of the most striking examples of this trend is the resurgence and unprecedented rise of gold bullion as an instrument for investment and monetary safe-keeping.

As indicated by the chart to the right, the price of Gold at London’s famed commodities market has virtually quadrupled from Jan 2000 to January 2010.

Alongside this meteoric rise has been a heretofore unseen lift in the number and presence of Cash for Gold schemes peddled over the TV and Interwebs. These companies provide what they say is an easy way for common consumers, hard-strapped with global unemployment, inflation, and general economic mailaise, to turn their Gold into hard currency.

A new player has entered to fray which promises a far greater return than existing firms – promises something its competitors can not match – namely, Felis Familiaris, or as it is more commonly known, the domestic cat.


Make 2010 your year for feline recovery with


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