Space Shuttle Cockpit Boggles The Mind

The Space Shuttle’s cockpit is so crammed with screens, buttons and gauges that it overwhelms ordinary man.

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17 November 2011



I’ve done some flying in my day. I believe I started my flight career back on my Magnavox Odyssey game system back in the 70’s. As I moved to the 80’s, I can distinctly remember piloting hundreds if not thousands of missions in the Harrier Strike Mission [pic] game on my Mac 128. I continued flying virtually through the years on a variety of simulation programs – WWII bombers, P-51 Mustangs, Cessnas, Jumbo Jets, you name it – i’ve flown it. I’ve landed hundreds of times at MIA, JFK, ATL and other popular airports. And I know I’m probably a complete looser for saying this, but I happen to believe that should the crap hit the fan on a small plane, I’d have the flight savvy to land the thing – all stemming from years of playing flight simulators.

Today I came across a cool 360 virtual tour deal for the Space Shuttle and the number of screens, buttons, and gauges completely overwhelms me. Suffice to say, I’m pretty sure no matter how much training I did on the computer or in a real simulator I would never be able to fly the Space Shuttle.

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