Beagle Bagel Launches New Website

Jackson Mississippi eatery Beagle Bagel Cafe launches new website

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2 November 2009


Beagle Bagel Cafe - Home Page

Just launched a new website for Jackson, Mississippi’s  best (only?) bagel/sandwich place – The Beagle Bagel Cafe. It was a really fun site to work on given how much everyone seems to love dining there and how great their food is. If you visit the site, make sure you check out the ‘Our Story’ page which provides a graphic-novelesque way of reading the back-story behind Horace P. Belvedere – the beagle who brought bagels to Mississippi.

I for one need to stock up on some more Black Russian and Everything bagels for the week…


And I also want to give a quick shout-out to my partners in code – Bryce Mullican, Daniel Green, Wade Acuff and the Mad Genius himself, all of whom helped make the site a success. Thx guys!


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