Crying Sooner Boy Brings Joy To My Life Today

An image of an Oklahoma Sooner fan reminds me of my own sports emotional vulnerabilities and then allows me to stuff those emotions in exchange for joy.

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14 October 2009


Boo Hoo!Schadenfreude is the wonderful German word which translates literally as “shameful joy.”  The word imbues a sense of one’s taking pleasure in the suffering of others according to wikipedia.

Yet, as I look into this child’s eyes, I see a younger Rob who much like this little football fan, has had his heart broken by the opposing team. In my case – I look back to the Miami Dolphin’s 1983 loss to the Washington Redskins in which #43 John Riggins ran over the entire Miami defence en route to a 4th quarter come-from-behind victory. Man that hurt!

Despite being able to actually identify with this poor kid – I still relish in his pain if only because it was at the hands of The U.

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