Dear New HP Mini,

Several desperate weeks after being burgled, I once again have an HP Mini netbook in my life.

Me /

26 August 2009



I promise to take better care of you than I did your cousin. I left your cousin in an unlocked car overnight and he was abducted. I never received a ransom note, nor do I expect to hear from him again.

For the price I paid for your cousin, I was able to purchase you refurbished from Tiger Direct, give you more memory (2gb ddr2 ram) and purchase a new case for you to live in when we travel together. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was also able to get a new 8gb sd card for a camera as well as an additional 4gb of ram for your big brother the desktop. I’m excited to take you to the Dr. and get you immunized against viruses, remove all those pesky HP installed vestigial organs, and add to your productivity abilities with a fresh install of open office.

Your friend and caretaker,



One Response to “Dear New HP Mini,”

  1. Alice Dillard says:

    This post is the reason I fell in love with you… are so sensitive and caring. You are the best, and while I may be second best, I am clearly behind you. :)


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