Eye of the Tiger

Working a program of recovery has enabled me to encounter new vistas in my work-life.

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6 August 2008


Eye of the tiger

I’ve come a long way thanks to some basic principles I’ve learned to incorporate into my daily life including perseverence, dedication, integrity, and honesty among others. I was involved in probably the biggest presentation of my life yesterday – myself and a select team from the advertising agency I work for pitched a major insurance company for their business yesterday. My contribution consisted of creating an easy to digest segment on the relatively tough subject of internet lead generation and search engine marketing (SEM).

I did very well. The metaphor I came up with of a Highway and Exits and Off-Ramps and Off-Ramp signage/real estate worked very well. One of my bosses hugged me twice yesterday and praised me. The other broke into a full fledged Hank Aaron swing to designate I had hit a home run. I felt as though I stumbled over a couple sections but by and large executed well. I also know I put forth 100% effort which I’ve learned is a much better indicator for me personally than whatever results may come to pass.

Three short years ago, I was unemployable. I was sick. I was pitifully and incomprehensibly demoralized. After hitting bottom, and a lot of hard work over virtually every facet of my life, I have as some with the same disease I have say – I have recovered. That is not to say I am cured – just that for today at least should I choose to do some simple things I will be able to lay my head down at the end of the day having remained sober.

For many years, having seen the advertising world in movies and TV, I yearned to be part of a creative team delivering amazing work. Low and behold I find myself in Jackson, MS. doing just that. I just had some sort of incling inside that I would be good at that. Yesterday I saw the idea I formulated for this large insurance company come to fruition through a large series of print, outdoor, tv, radio and internet concepts. The little idea that started in my head during a personal brainstorm was selected as the tack the firm I work for would use as its main creative direction for the campaign. That feels really good and new for me.


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