I Miss Miami & Windsurfing

I sometimes get a little homesick and miss the wind and sun and exhilaration.

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25 March 2009


Virginia Key - Miami, FL.

I sometimes listen to Miami sports talk radio at work – usually 790 the ticket. I heard the weather forecast for miami: Winds out of the NE, 21 kts, gusting to 27kts. High of 79F.


I’d so be bailing on work and heading down to Homestead Bayfront Park for some flatwater blasting across Biscayne Bay.

I miss being active in the windsurfing community. I miss having something besides work and love and sobriety that gets me going. Simply put, I miss the stoke.

I haven’t visited the South Florida Windurfing Association website (that I built a few years back) in over a year. I checked it out this morning and I saw lots of familiar faces smiling on the water.

That being said – I don’t miss the traffic, the chaos or the insanity down there. I have a great life here in Mississippi – just sometimes I miss getting wet. I don’t know the last time I spontaneously belted out an emphatic WHOOOO HOOOOOO! after hitting a gybe or doing a little chop-hop.

+ http://www.sfwa.info/


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