MadGENIUS Created Superbowl Ad To Run At 6:31pm

MadGENIUS client, Farm Bureau Insurance, to run :30 Joe Gibbs TV spot during the 2009 Superbowl

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1 February 2009



OK America – this is really cool for me. I’m geeking out.

The ad agency I work for, MadGENIUS, has created an awesome TV ad for our client Farm Bureau Insurance that features Joe Gibbs (NFL Coach/NASCAR Team). To be involved with that is cool enough.

Add the fact that the spot is scheduled to run during tonight’s superbowl in select Farm Bureau Insurance markets, and I’m downright giddy about now. I believe the spot will run in Jackson, MS, Little Rock, AR, and Gainesville, FL – and possibly some other markets. With the economic downturn, some of these smaller markets I believe had some time that was heavily discounted and I believe our media team helped craft a viable strategy for the client to take advantage and get some real value.

I’ve seen the spot, and from my perspective, its clearly a national caliber ad that rightly imbues the core values of Farm Bureau Insurance.

Some in the office, having worked in advertising for many years, took a more subdued stance when learning that our little ad agency will be fielding our ad on arguably the largest tv day of the year. I however, being new to the advertising world, am psyched like a little boy might be!!

Once I get permission, I’ll link to the spot or post it here.


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