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Large NASCAR website project for Farm Bureau Insurance nears completion

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13 January 2009


Farm Bureau Insurance Racing #02

I’m in the final couple weeks of development for Farm Bureau Insurance Racing’s NASCAR website which I’ve been working on dilligently for the past couple months.Things are getting a litte crazy here at MadGENIUS as they always do close to large project delivery time.

This isn’t the largest project I’ve led, but certainly the one that could garner the most notoriety. I’ve acted as web producer, ia, and am hand coding each and every page on this bad-boy. I’m getting graphics help from chris nolen and copywriting help from frank owen. I’m really excited to be working in the national sports arena with this project – its fun knowing my work is part of the marketing efforts for a NASCAR Sprint-Cup team.

Part of the project includes the development of a series of webisodes which our team shot in NC last week at Joe Gibbs Racing’s headquarters last week.

I was never a really big NASCAR fan – in fact I didn’t pay the sport too much attention. Moving to Mississippi a couple years back however inserted me into a hotbed of NASCAR enthusiasm. And now that I’m so intimately connected to the sport through our client, I’m getting really pumped up for the season and the once in a lifetime opportunity to gain an insider’s view of this exciting sport.


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