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Photos from Winter – Spring 2009

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26 April 2009


Alice Dillard

I have uploaded a number of photos into four new galleries:

+ Mississippi Snow Day

+ Trip to Oxford, MS

+ Rehearsal Dinner (Tim & Lauren Dillard)

+ Wedding (Time & Lauren Dillard)


One Response to “New Photos Uploaded”

  1. Aunt Barbara says:

    Hi Robert,

    Loved the pictures, especially of Alice and you at the wedding. Great picture!!! Chance looks like a big boy, even bigger than Glory. He is adorable. I assume the wedding was her brother’s? Your Mom said they really liked Alice and enjoyed their visit. I talked to her on moving day. Your Dad answered with “the Rubinoffs don’t live here any more.” I just hope the condo sells soon. I know they are stressed about it. We hope to see them in NC 4th of July week.

    Love, Aunt B.


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