Space Camp or Bust!

Rob Rubinoff, Alice Rubinoff, and Chance Dillard are heading to Space Camp!!

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19 February 2013


Space Camp LogoT-Minus 18 hours and counting…

The Rubinoff family is headed to Space Camp!

Tomorrow at 6am our family will be boarding a bus along with a host of other Hartfield Academy 5th graders, respective caregivers, and at least 1 teacher (Mrs. Rhodes!!) for what I hope will be memorable trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center located in Huntsville, AL.

We’ve been looking forward to the next few days since we first learned about it during orientation in the fall of 2012. Our little family has gone through quite a bit these last few months and I can say for myself that I’m totally psyched to immerse myself in the experience and learn and have lots of fun in the process.

Rest assured, we’ll be bringing back lots of Astronaut Ice Cream and I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back with an official NASA Flightsuit :)

Time and connections permitting, I hope to be posting while on the go!!


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