Summer 2012 Photos

A few photos from Summer 2012

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18 July 2012


I know summer isn’t quite done yet but here are some of my favorite photos thus far.

Me & Maggie on the rez.

Mom & Laura in San Diego.

Getting my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve now been in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans!

Church in La Jolla, CA

View of the Pacific Ocean from La Jolla, CA shopping district.

Me & Alice at the Cabbage Patch museum / hospital / freak show.

Alice & Chance with a few of the gems they found when grubbin’ for gems!

Me and a ‘nurse’ at the Cabbage Patch adoption center / hospital / freak show. She was rocking it and whispering to it. SCARY!

Chance about to slide down ‘Sliding Rock’ – Cashiers, NC

The SNAKE that chased me when I splashed water on it – Sliding Rock

Alice after sliding down Scaly Mountain, NC

Chance getting close to my stinky pit.

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One Response to “Summer 2012 Photos”

  1. Tricia says:

    OMG I remember going to Sliding Rock! Was the water freezing or what?


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