A Guide To 1980’s Sax Solos In Popular Music

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24 March 2011


80s-sax-soloUntil I came across http://imacomputa.org/sax/, I had no idea how prevalent the ‘Sax Solo’ was in 1980’s Pop music. Ryan, the author, has painstakingly cataloged and rated some of the 1980’s most god-awful sax solos.  A typical entry is seen below:

This solo wasn’t in the 80s, but it’s included here because it seems to have created the formula that became so popular for the next decade. Unmemorable song + Super dramatic sax solo = Success. Parts of it are so forgettable that many people suggesting this song claimed it had no words at all.


GTD (Getting Things Done) The Ben Franklin Edition

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21 March 2011


Ben Franklin knew how to get stuff done, incorporate some contemplative time, relax, and get plenty of sleep.


From: Autobiography by Ben Franklin p. 156


Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

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17 March 2011



Google Body provides users with a multi-layered human body exploration tool. It only works with certain leading edge web technologies enabled (Web GL in Chrome, Firefox 4 beta, and nightly WebKit builds), but once I got it to work, I had lots of fun playing around.

As a child, I had a subscription to World Book, an encyclopedia. One of my favorite entries into the series was a group of transparencies that allowed me to peel back various body systems (i.e, skeletal, muscular, vascular, etc.). That’s what this Google Body reminds me of…

Very cool application of GIS related technologies to human anatomy.


Khoi Vinh On Grid Based Design

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16 March 2011



Maps Of Africa – A Visual History

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16 March 2011


The BBC has published a wonderful audio slideshow which explores how the African continent has been depicted in maps through the years.

Great insight in how maps often may provide insight into important themes such as commerce, economics, and trade.

The BBC’s Audio Slideshow: Mapping Africa


How Many iPhone Developers Does It Take To Build A Clock?

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16 March 2011


Apparently more than they have on the feature at present. With the change to Daylight Savings Time, my office has run amok with iPhone users that seemingly are unable to tame their phones into sounding their alarms at pre-set intervals.

What happened is that the phones seem to have sprung forward an hour as they were supposed to, but alarms were mysteriously moved back an hour. The result? Random alarms going off at random times and designers and developers unable to get to work on time.

My Android (HTC Hero) on the other hand has no issues with time. Google seems to have got that one right.


Bagel Haiku Post Reddited

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14 March 2011


I noticed a spike in traffic last week – it came from an old Bagel Haiku post i created way back in July of 2009 and was posted to the Food Porn reddit.


Low Tech Light For The Developing World

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14 March 2011


Via Grandiloquent Bloviator, a new favorite of mine.


Saturday Project

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12 March 2011



Alice and I hit lowes this morn and did a little lawn beautification. It was so fun to work together. We both are proud of our little accomplishment.


I Was Interviewed By Google For This Article

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4 March 2011


Google is doing a marketing push for Google Apps in which they highlight a single company from each of the 50 states. Mad Genius, my employer, was featured for Mississippi. They called a couple weeks ago and interviewed me and a co-worker about our move to Google Apps from microsoft based email/calendar/groupware prouducts and low and behold it hit the web today!

It’s a great little bit of press for Mad Genius and I don’t mind seeing my name on a Google property either.

Here’s the article:

Going Google across the 50 States: Google Apps proves the perfect choice for Mississippi creative agency


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