Fan of Mad Men? Love Boston? I’ve Got The Videos For You!

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22 July 2010


Best line:
“Besides the herpes, she’s combat zone hot.”

MA Men



BP Caught Lying With Pictures Too


20 July 2010



Seems British Petroleum just can’t get a break. A photo they published on their ‘Response In Pictures‘ page depicts several silhouetted individuals hard at work at their Houston, TX HIVE command center.  Only some of those individuals and the screens they’re looking at somehow defy the physics of light and perspective.

The enormity of lies BP is responsible for is disgusting. All in the name of profits.

Learn more about this Photoshop lie as well as others over at America Blog.


The Price Is Right Hacked By Game Junkie

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12 July 2010


The Price Is Right Gameshow Set

Arguably, the success of The Price Is Right through the years can be tied to its lack of change. It’s recipe includes the same games, product placements, and strategy. This bedrock of success may also be the reason why Terry Kneiss, a former TV Weatherman, managed to correctly submit his Showcase Showdown bid – down to the exact dollar.

Check Esquire magazine for the full story.


Happy Birthday Laura!

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8 July 2010


Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


LeBron James To Join Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh In Miami

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8 July 2010



ESPN Radio is reporting this morning that LeBron James will in all likelihood join the Miami Heat creating a superstar ensemble of the Cavs’ Lebron, Raptors’ Chris Bosh, and the Heat’s own Dwyane Wade.

I’m already looking at this year’s schedule so Alice, Chance and I can travel down and watch these three in action! Dad has 4 tix in the 13th row right behind the visitors bench aligned with the foul line.

It will be nice to see Riley walking the sidelines again. This is so awesome for Miami sports! If this pans out, how many championships will the Miami Heat win?

Go Heat!


The New Yorker Oil Spill Cover

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29 June 2010




The Indian Rupee To Gain International Symbol

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24 June 2010


Indian-Rupee-SymbolOne of the five symbols to the right will soon be the official symbol denoting the Rupee, India’s currency. Many other currencies have their own symbols – yet only a few gain international recognition like the Euro, Dollar, Yen and Pound. Currently, the Rupee is generally designated with an Rs (rupees) combination.

+ More info on currency symbols on wikipedia.


Will Hunting Was Pretty Darn Close To Being Right

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23 June 2010


In this monologue, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) paints a worst case scenario of his possible future in the movie Good Will Hunting (1997).


RIP Manute Bol

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23 June 2010


manute-bolManute Bol held a special place in my heart. He was almost a tragic figure – seen as a joke amongst many basketball fans – a 7’7″ freak of nature. This Dinka tribesman made the impossible journey from war-torn southern Sudan to somehow play basketball in the NBA. What I admired most about Manute however was how he gave back. Like his fellow African counterpart, Dikembe Mutumbo, Manute Bol worked tirelessly to help foment change back home often to the detriment of his own financial security.

RIP Manute – you entertained me and reminded me of how lucky those of us in the U.S. are when compared to the hardships endured by those throughout much of the world.


Oh Yeah, I Bought A House, Moved In, Began Co-Habitating, and Celebrated My First Father’s Day


22 June 2010


Breathe in, breathe out.


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