Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt From Friendly’s Puts Mere Burgers To Shame

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22 June 2010


grilledcheeseburgermeltOne of my favorite fast food restaurants, the Wilbraham, MA based Friendly’s, has decided to enter the maximum calorie menu item fray with the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt.

Packing a whopping 1500 calories, the sandwich places a 1/4lb. patty between two butter soaked grilled cheese sandwiches.


Win At Monopoly In 21 Seconds Flat

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15 June 2010



You’ve been there – the endless game of Monopoly. Things may have started out with a bang, but as the game has progressed, you’re left to mortgaging off your assets and selling your inventory of properties for mere pennies on the dollar – just to stay alive. Sort of how the recently addicted crack-head sells off their electronics and home entertainment system just for a few rocks.

Seems I’m not alone in this.

Some folks over at Scatterplot – a social science blog with a definitive slant on statistical analysis – have created what they believe to be the shortest theoretical game of Monopoly – and have created a short but sweet video to prove their claim of 21 seconds.

The strategy (if it can be called such) is for a player to quickly command the most expensive properties and build on them. The other player must land on one of these properties early in the game so as to force bankruptsy.

The full list of moves can be found over on the Scatterplot website.

Here’s the vid of their exploits:


New Florida Marlins Stadium Will Feature Fish Tank Backstop

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11 June 2010



The Florida Marlins have released an artist’s rendering of how the backstop behind homeplate will flanked with salt water fish tanks!

Check out the details over at Fish Bytes, the Miami Herald’s Florida Marlins blog.


2010 World Cup Uniforms Graded By ESPN

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10 June 2010



Paul Lukas, blogger for one of my favorite sites, UniWatch, published a three part series in which experts grade each of the 32 World Cup teams’ home and away kits. The result is a wonderful look at each team’s uniforms for the 2010 World Cup set to start tomorrow in about 24 hours!

+ Part I – Groups A & B

+ Part II – Groups C & D

+ Part III – Groups E & F


Wireless Charging – A Technology No One Really Needs

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9 June 2010



The interwebs (and airports) are a flutter with the recent announcement that the wireless charging brand Powermat now supports the ever popular Apple iPhone. Whoopdeedoo. The tag line I saw on a recent group of banners on Gizmodo told its audience to:

Drop and Charge,
Don’t Plug and UnPlug!

I don’t find plugging in or unplugging devices alarmingly taxing, do you?

I imagine there are myriad other examples of technology that no one really needs – some of which I may actually enjoy. When the remotes to TV’s were connected with wires, was there some alt.universe Rob Rubinoff exclaiming that a wireless remote was unnecessary? Probably so. I accept this as part of my right to be a crumudgeon as I approach 39.


Minimalist Superheroes

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8 June 2010



This graphic by Chris over on 9GAG breaks down superheroes to their most essential elements.


Mercury Grand Marquis I Bid You Adieu

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3 June 2010


The Mercury Grand Marquis

According to the New York Times, Ford Motor Company has announced that it will cease producing vehicles under the Mercury brand as soon as this coming fall. With this announcement comes the harsh reality that one of America’s lasting vestiges of petroleum consuming excess, the Mercury Grand Marquis, will vanish as well.

I had the pleasure of taking a ride in one of these bad boys recently while on a business trip in Greensboro, NC. Our maroon colored Mercury Grand Marquis shuffled us around town in luxury. She’s truly was a land-yacht to behold.

RIP Grand Marquis, RIP.


Aquaman Falls Victim to BP’s Gulf Oil Spill?

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1 June 2010



Created by the folks over at The Aquaman Shrine.


Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Review

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1 June 2010


chick-fil-a-spicy-chicken-sandwich-photoChick-fil-A is running a promotion to help launch their new Spicy Chicken Sandwich menu item in fans of the chain could print out coupons to receive a free sandwich a few days this week and next.

I arrived with a couple of my Mad Genius cohorts to the Madison, MS location, coupon in hand and were treated to wonderful personalized service from a staff of dedicated spicy promotion employees. The restaurant even had a good portion of their floor reserved for ‘Spicy VIP’s’ complete with table cloths, fire engine sirens and other ‘it’s hot in here’ type regalia.

Best of all, we were treated to a full combo meal (fries + drink), not just the sandwich as promised by the coupon. Way to go! Probably the best post long-weekend treat I’ve had in ages.

The sandwich itself is pretty darn good. I love me a buffalo / spicy chicken sandwich and this is one that can certainly be added to my repertoire.

I’m really impressed with Chick-fil-A’s promotion and personal service. The sandwich was awesome.


NBC’s Ann Curry & Jimmy Fallon Test Their Wheaton College IQ

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28 May 2010


Ann Curry is host of NBC’s The Today Show and recently made some gaffes during a commencement address at my undergrad alma matter, Wheaton College. This is her means of making amends I suppose.  It’s nice to have Wheaton making it to NBC!


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