Bill Clinton Knows Its All About The U

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19 April 2010



Via The 7th Floor Blog


Creating Visual Order From Destruction

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19 April 2010



Ukrainian born artist, Mark Khaisman, uses Photoshop to reproduce intricate patterns from aerial photographs of Katrina ravaged New Orleans.


Guy In Training: How To Remove A Lawn Mower Blade

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17 April 2010


My college friend Jonas once quipped at his cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that I was a GIT – a Guy In Training. He’s right. I grew up under the tutelledge of a loving father who’s greatest guy-know-how may have been his ability to change a lightbulb and take out the trash. He won’t argue with that and its not a slight. It just is.

Cut forward some 20 years and as I have rebuilt my life here in Mississippi, I’ve begun to take on ‘guy’ things. Mowing the lawn is one of those activities that while it may seem mundane and a chore to most men, offers me a weekly chance to sweat, breathe in various exhaust fumes, and gain a really nice sense of accomplishment each time I complete the job. You see, I never mowed a lawn until I was 35. I find that the methodical trimming of rows and rows of grass offers me a chance to be in the moment – and besides, I enjoy what I term Lawn Artistry – the craft of creating interesting mow patterns across the yard.

Today I’m going to change the lawn mower blade and rather than going down to the Home Depot (sometimes an intimidating venture for a GIT like me) and coyly asking a Depot person how I change the blade, I took to the interwebs and found this gem.

How to Remove Blade from Lawn Mower — powered by

Yes, the internet is not only for looking at porn, downloading music, facebook and buying stuff – the internet too offers GIT’s like me face saving content that help nudge us on our way towards becoming fully fledged men.


Florida Marlins Anthem By Scott Stapp Of Creed Fame

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15 April 2010


I’m a pretty big Florida Marlins fan. I was able to attend games during both of their World Series championship runs and although I no longer live in Miami, I follow the team as best I can from here in Mississippi through various RSS feeds, bulletin boards, etc.

Unfortunately this tidbit of lameness found itself into my daily content ingestion stream and I’m pretty ashamed.

First off, let me say up front I’m not a CREED hater like so many too cool for school types out there. Despite the pro-jesus message much of their songs contain, by and large I find their brand of music palatable and I’m not afraid to admit that on occasion maybe a half-decade ago I may have even bobbed my head up and down to the beat of their music. I have never purchased or illegally downloaded any of their music mind you, but I have no overt hatred for the band like many people do.

That being said, the video above is truly embarrassing. Had I not seen additional footage of the vid being played on the stadium jumbotron, my instinct would have been to call it a fake. Alas, fake it is not.

Melodramatic, cheesy, bordering on comical? Yes, yes, and yes.

Take these lyrics for example:

Let’s play ball its game day,
We want strike outs, base hits, double plays.
Take the field, hear the roar of the crowd,
Come on Marlins make us proud!
Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
(sic., Marlins tend to be limited to aquatic environments)
With a little faith and love, you will soar.

That gurgling you hear is me clearing the little bit of barf that just came up.

Suggestions for next year’s Marlin’s ‘Emotive Montage’ video leadin:

  • Steer clear of any overtly incendiary musical icons
  • We’re going to be a mid-tier club again and for the foreseeable future, so let’s not get all grandiose about soaring and playing in the ethereal landscapes of angels
  • I’m not aware of your specific demographics, but maybe tie in with the Hispanic base more – pump out a english/spanish reggaeton number that can pump of the fans and explore the unique cultural blend that will be the Miami Marlins
  • Feature the Mermaids.

UPDATE: This post was mentioned at

UPDATE: This post was mentioned at


April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day

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15 April 2010



Jackie Robinson…

  • was born in Cairo, Georgia to sharecropper parents
  • plated for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbit’s Field – a stadium my dad would sometimes sneak into during his youth
  • stole home plate in front of the Yankees and the world during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series
  • has a son that farms coffee in Tanzania
  • has been a hero of mine since childhood because he reminds me of my Dad who faced imposing odds throughout his life and has become despite the cards not always lining up in his favor


Scrabble Updates Rules To Allow Proper Nouns


7 April 2010



Mattel Corporation, manufacturer and distributor of the ever-popular board game, Scrabble, has decided to amend the game rules to allow for the inclusion of proper nouns. Proper nouns are, for all those who missed out on 3rd grade English class, are typically capitalized names, places, brands, and company names. Since the game’s inception some 72 years ago, these words were not allowed.

It still remains to be seen if Scrabble Tournaments will embrace the modification to the rules or will rely on the set of rules that have made Scrabble a favorite rainy vacation day activity for over seventy years.

Read more over at the BBC’s website.


Breaking Food Mashup News: KFC’s Double Down To Hit Counters And Drivethrus April 12

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2 April 2010




KFC announced today via its website that it will begin offering the much anticipated Double Down sandwich menu item starting April 12, 2010 across most of its U.S. mainland restaurants and buffets. The Double Down is one of a growing number of Food Mashups that combine traditional menu items into new and sometimes nauseating combinations.

My earlier post on the Double Down mentions the specific ingredients for this culinary monstrosity. The Double Dare sandwich includes the following tantalizing ingredients:

  • 2 Original Recipe chicken breast fillets
  • Bacon
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Colonel’s Sauce (not quite sure what is in the Colonel’s sauce but I’m sure its delicious)

Check out the Double Down’s new digs on the KFC website (complete with Double Down countdown clock!!).


Take A Lap Around The Famous Nurburgring With Hans From BMW

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1 April 2010



BMW has created a really cool online experience in promotion of the X5 SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) which enables you to take a lap around Germany’s famed Nurburgring race track with BMW driver Hans at the wheel. The video makes for some breathtaking action as Hans adeptly pushes his BMW M3 around the track in record time. Most of all, I love the commentary from Hans in his delightful German accented English.

The only trouble with this video is that its hard to find. I came across it only by accident really as I started my voyage on the BMWOracle America’s Cup website enroute to pricing and building a BMW M5 on the BMWusa website which somehow got me to the BMW X5 Experience flash experience.

Here’s how to find and enjoy this awesome spectacle of in-car video and commentary bliss:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Allow the flash to load and look towards the bottom left hand for a call out announcing “The Nurburgring Experience > Start Driving.” Click it.
  3. Again, look towards the bottom left corner of the content area, and click on the call out that reads “Get inside the vehicle and on the track > Explore every turn.” Click it.
  4. A map will be displayed showing highlighted corners on the track. Ignore it. Instead, about mid-way down the left hand copy block is a link that reads “Take a full lap with commentary.” Click it.
  5. Your map will be replaced with a video that resembles the photo above.
  6. Enjoy as Hans takes you for a ride on the famous Nurburgring track hitting speeds of around 170mph while nonchalantly commenting on braking, apexes, and shift points.

User Experience Side Note:
WTF BMW? Why bury such an engaging and entertaining experience deep within a crappy flash movie? No way to share this thing easily. Boo, Hiss.


Four Years Of Sobriety

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29 March 2010




An Open Letter To Tarpon Of South Florida

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24 March 2010



Dear Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus),

I wanted to take a moment and let you all know that I will be traveling to South Florida this coming weekend!

During my stay, it is my sincere hope to have an opportunity to venture into your environment, stalk you, hunt you down, and then entice you with various types of food you may find tempting (aka bait). Should you be so enamored with the bait I cast your way, please do me a favor and bite said bait so I may then set the sharpened, metal hook (secretly contained in the bait) into your lip or the corner of your jaw. That would really make me happy!

I’m not sure if you feel pain, but if you do, let me apologize now. I promise to do my best to minimize your discomfort and unless you are some sort of world record size, you have my word that you will be released as soon as I’ve taken your picture.

If you do not feel pain, well, I guess I apologize for tricking you with that hook secretly placed in the bait. No offense, but in the end its sort of a ‘top of the food chain’ deal. Just as you relish in your ability to swallow lesser species, so do I.

Should we not happen to meet up this coming weekend, rest assured that I will look forward to another opportunity to make your acquantance.




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